“I learned a LOT during these six days. Wonderful job!""
–Jorge Araque, DVM, Colombia
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» May 18-22, 2018
Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation (Europe), Het Waterhof, Velm, Belgium. €3250 before Jan 1. Afterward, €3550. Installment payments an option - four payments of €935 each due Jan 15, Feb 15, Mar 15 and Apr 15.

Registration is now open. To register, contact info@hetwaterhof.com.

Since 2012, we have offered courses at several international locations, including Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom. All international courses provide equivalent learning to U.S.-based courses and may be applied toward CCRT or CCRA certification.

We thank our hosts in each country for helping to organize our programs so that CRI faculty can focus on the important task of providing the best possible education to our international colleagues. We also thank our international students for their patience as we have taken the necessary time to assure that our international programs would meet all of the standards that CRI maintains in the United States.

International students also are welcome to travel to the United States to take CRI courses. As of 2016, CRI has provided continuing education to more than 470 international students from 39 different countries.